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UDG has pioneered, a cost effective, pre-engineered building system, which consists of 7 main components made of superior concrete. This is a FAST and EASY technique for construction of any permanent building type. A single unit of any size/type can be erected within 7 days. The UDG building systems is launched after intense research and development by team comprising leading architects and engineers. Our system can be easily erected at a job site resulting in dramatic time savings as well as eliminating the need for machinery. We use specially designed components based on interlocking principle, which offers:

  • QUALITY: Components are manufactured out of Superior grade concrete.
  • ECONOMY: It offers 30% savings over traditional technology.
  • SPEED: It is 10 times faster than traditional method of construction.

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Day 7:

A typical unit finished and ready to use within 7 days

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  • Any type and size of building is possible.
  • Extension as well as expansion is simple. Ground plus one floor structure is possible.
  • The components are light weight, can be easily handled.
  • No special machinery, like crane, is required for its erection.
  • No Skilled labour is required and cost of technical supervision is minimized.
  • Minimum Water and Mortar are required for component assembly, which allows them to be laid faster and adaptable in water scarcity areas.
  • Hollow wall block keep house cool in summer and warm in winter and provide adequate sound insulation.
  • Can withstand earthquake tremors and cyclonic winds upto 180 km/hour
  • Superior concrete is used in manufacturing. All the components as designed as per specifications of National Building Codes
  • Plastering may be avoided.
  • Noiseless construction.
  • All types of roofing profiles, i.e. Flat, Sloping, etc. is possible.
  • Highly water resistance.
  • Concealed as well as open plumbing and electrification is possible in the system.

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UDG Bulding Systems, a patented technology, is certified and tested by many eminent professionals and institutions.

Registered with Technology Bureau of Small Enterprises

Certified by Gujrat Institute of Engineers and Architects

Acceptace and participation in RESURGENT GUJARAT GLOBAL MEET

Appreciated and adopted by SAATH charitable trust

Approved and certified by Town Planning and Valuation Department of Gujarat

Evaluated and Certified by Dr. A.S.Arya, Professor Emeritus, Earthquake Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Roorkee

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For detailed information of design of components, production details, assembly process, etc. see the Technical Details section.

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