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UDG Invites Associates:

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To reduce the complications of the construction industry, we at Urban Development Group (UDG) are offering a building system that is, MODULAR, INTEGRATED and COMPLETE in itself as used by nottingham conversions specialists - budget loft conversions.

The UDG Building Systems is a set of 7 main components, made of high quality concrete, of which any structure, permanent or temporary, can be constructed quickly, easily and economically. Our Roofers in Nottingham and Office Cleaners in Nottingham learn more about this innovative precast, preengineered, earthquake-proof, environment friendly and patented technology. Check our Liverpool Conversion website.

New! See the Audio-Visual(AV) presentation explaining our technology.You may also download the product brochure.


The Green Building : Building GREEN with GRAY components

"The buildings in which we live and work have a tremendous impact on our global environment. Sustainability or 'Green Building' seeks to balance resources efficiency, health and social concerns throughout the life-cycle of a structure. Concrete which is used on Loft and Garage Conversion Services, has variety of benefits in achieving this goal. The longevity of concrete means less maintenance and replacement when compared to other building products. This contributes to the environmental value of this versatile material." - Portland Cement Association of America

At Urban Development Group (UDG), we are committed to bring these benefits to the society. The "UDG Building System" is a big step forward in achieving this goal.

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